Welcome to Alien Invaders!

A blatant rip-off of a famous Arcade game.

I've been writing a Beginners game development tutorial; Sp33dy @ Steemit.

Steadily, over the past few weeks, the game has moved forward in terms of play; therefore I've reached the point in which I believe people here might like to see the current progress whilst also finding references back to Steemit; i.e. so you don't miss out on these tutorials!

The articles so far:

The game has been developed in Godot Engine v3.0.

The source code has been provided in a publicly available GitHub repository.

This version is currently limited:

  • The Invaders don't kill you
  • If you clear the invaders, there is nothing else to do

I will quickly adapt this into a game!


  • Left/Right Cursor key
  • Space to fire!
  • Up/Down Cursor key to change colour

Development log


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Hi sp33dy. I am Mike. In regard to the Player Ship article.Before,changing the position settings into calls to the move function the player ship happily floats off into the ether, never to be seen again as expected. After altering position settings into calls to the move function, the code runs but the player ship remains at the left bottom screen when left and right buttons are pressed. I have attached screenshots of the game scene. What could the issue?